All Fruit Diets and Your Health

All Fruit Diets Have Dangerous Side Effect


Did you hear that Ashton Kutcher went to the hospital back in January just two days prior to the first shooting for the movie of Steve Jobs?  He was suffering from severe stomach pains which they later found out was directly related to problems with his pancreas.  The cause you ask??  An all fruit diet, or the fruitarian diet, which Ashton was modeling due to his part as Steve Jobs who followed and practiced this diet.  According to Walter Issacson’s biography, “Steve Jobs”, Jobs began extreme dieting, such as the all fruit diet in his freshman year in college.  He died from pancreatic cancer which an all fruit diet has been linked to.

While all fruit diets and others are intended as a way to detox the body, many doctors and nutritionists alike are concerned about the impact following an all fruit diet may have on your overall health.  These are meant for short term and then people do the extreme for long term and can cause their own health issues.  Eating fruit for long term can contribute to a loss of many needed nutrients and minerals that the body needs to remain healthy.  One of those important nutrients is protein.  Protein are molecules made up of smaller molecules which are amino acids.  Proteins are used to build virtually everything in the body.  This includes your skin, hair, and nails to the hemoglobin in your blood which is made of protein.

Proteins can be found in meats from animals, fish and fowl.  They include nuts, seeds, beans and dairy products.  They can include whole grains containing protein, brown rice, whole wheat, quinoa, and barley.  And yes a few vegetables can be counted as protein as well:  avocado and sprouts!  Another major concern is the loss of good fats in your diet.  Good fats are essential for many bodily functions including maintaining proper hormone levels and brain functions.

Other essential nutrients the body can suffer from loss of is calcium, vitamins B & D-12, iron and zinc.

Fad diets that are not nutritionally balanced can do more harm than good.  If you need to lose weight, work with a professional who is qualified to design a nutritional food plan, exercise plan and a health coach/mentor.  Long term maintenance is the goal not short term loss.  This could be the difference between life and death in some cases.

To your health!

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