One on One Coaching Programs

I offer several different private one to one programs to suit your goals and your budget.  Please complete the contact me to schedule an appointment.

Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching Program

Individual/Couple receives:
(Individual is required to fill out Individual Health Profile Questionnaire prior to meeting)

  • Bio scan on computer.   There are six Subclinical Defects that tend to appear BEFORE the traditional disease “labels” surface. These markers represent the “balance markers” that the body uses to maintain its own health. Your chemistry profile gives a snapshot in time of what is going on in your body at the precise time of the scan.   It “talks” to us and tells us how the body is responding to stressors, toxins, how it is utilizing supplements & nutrients, if it has stored toxins, if there is inflammation present, if your immune system is compromised and if you are getting/absorbing the nutrients you need. It reads like a road map of what’s going on inside your body and it is amazingly accurate.  It also can tell us what emotions are affecting the balance of your health.  For my local peeps only!
  • Personalized & individualized recommendations regarding how to eat to achieve and maintain optimal health & chemical balance;
  • Recommendations regarding what supplements may be beneficial to offset nutritional deficiencies as well as medicine induced insufficiencies and side effects;
  • Recommendations for natural and alternative means of managing current symptoms that boost and support the body’s immune function and don’t have negative side effects;
  • Cleansing & detoxification recommendations as needed.

This is a 90 day program that includes:

  • 4 one to one sessions – one 90 minute start up session and three 45 minute sessions
  • The Natural Solution Kit from  dōTERRA
  • Slim & Sassy Kit from  dōTERRA
  • Unlimited email access (I respond quickly and I am here to serve you), recipes and accountability. 

Investment in your life and health – $898

Follow Up Nutrition Sessions:

Following the initial nutrition session, many individuals benefit from ongoing assistance or “touching base” regarding different phases of their program. These sessions typically last 45 minutes to 1 hour and can be conducted in person or over the telephone at a pre-arranged time.

Menu Planning:

LLH will put together a one or two week menu plan based on your  metabolic profile and any health issues that need to be taken into consideration as well as your lifestyle (ie: eats out a lot/travels/special dietary needs.)


This is for the inactive client who at one point went through the Basic Nutrition/Lifestyle Consultation and is now returning with a new or unresolved health issue.

Visit my my dōTERRA website HERE for more information about essential oils.