The Glycemic Index and Migraines

When the first glycemic index was first released, most dieticians, nutritionists, and physicians were shocked by the results.  It flew in the face of theory that all carbs are created equal.  It meant that the food pyramid was also wrong and upside down.  What they had been taught was wrong.  For example, simple sugar like table sugar, also known as sucrose, had a glycemic index of 61 while sugar found in fruits, known as fructose, had a glycemic index of only 19. So, a white potato (glycemic index of 85) or white bread (glycemic range in the 70’s) making both… Read More »

Do you have Brain Fog?

Mental confusion; Lack of mental clarity; Difficulty thinking most of the time, in varying degrees. Walk into a room and can’t remember why you are there?  It’s called brain fog.  We are finding out that it can be brought on by various triggers.  Stress is one of those. Chronic stress can over stimulate the brain, so giving your brain a break—and proper vitamins and nutrients—can help quell the damage done to it and its nerve cells. In fact, your brain is fueled by an array of nutrients. Among those are omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins, CoQ10, zinc, calcium, magnesium, vitamin D,… Read More »

Blood Sugar and Why It’s Important in Menopause

The body operates on blood sugar, especially the brain. In other words, our brain needs sugar to work. Therefore, the body is very concerned about trying to control the level of blood sugar. If the blood sugar gets too high—greater than 200 mg/dl—a patient can begin spilling sugar into the urine, and simply not feel well. If it gets too low—less than 40 mg/dl—a patient can become confused, lethargic, have a seizure, and even go into a coma. Insulin – Our Storage Hormone Insulin is a hormone, which is produced in the beta cells of the pancreas. The beta cells… Read More »

Time Management is all about relieving stress!

We face time stress when we have too much to do, when we don’t have enough time for the important things, when we fail to do what we hoped because we ran out of time, when we are late, and when we hurt other’s feelings with no time for them. We get up stressed in the morning because our day already has defeated us before we ever begin.We already know the only outcome is failure. On those days, we also make it worse by picking a fight with a family member, being crabby, fussing, screaming, and becoming negative. This adds… Read More »