WHEAT and Belly Fat

Wheat and Belly Fat?  Insulin Resistance?

Many of us are constantly struggling with the battle of the bulge and can’t just seem to get the weight off.  We are not alone, as over 1/3 of the US population is obese.  What many of us don’t realize is that a common “staple” of our diet may be the culprit.  Remember the food pyramid of old, with bread, pasta, and other grains at the top?  We now know that due to hybridization of wheat is increasing wheat consumption and adding to the obesity epidemic.  You see modern wheat, which is different from the wheat of yester years of let’s say 50 years ago.  Our modern wheat doesn’t even begin to resemble the wheat of our ancestors.  Wheat has been hybridized which means it has been cross-bred with other grains and species so it has a higher yield and contains less nutrients and more carbohydrates.  GMO sound familiar to you?  Well, since this has happened to wheat the cause and effect are in the starch and gluten and made it highly addictive.

Starch that is worse than table sugar!  Wow!  The carbohydrate found in wheat I about 75% amylopectin A which has been called a “super carb” as it has the ability to increase the blood sugar faster than other carbs.  The molecular structure of amylopectin is to be more easily digested than other more complex starches.  And because of the genetic modification, digestibility can raise blood sugar faster than a candy bar!  Forget the sugar pill just carry some wheat bread!

In this study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, participants were given a diet of 70% amylase or 70% amylopectin.  Those on the amylopectin diet had higher glucose and insulin responses after a meal.  Chronic elevations lead to belly fat.  So, due to its high amylopectin content, (due to GMO), wheat causes not only excess weight gain, belly fat, but a whole myriad of other health issues.  Have you also heard of the “super gluten”?  Gluten has actually been doubled in hybridized wheat.  Gluten triggers inflammation.  Inflammation triggers weight gain, diabetes, autoimmune disease, and multiple chronic diseases.  Gluten can actually damage the gut lining.  You know the term “leaky gut”.

Don’t think you addicted?  Wheat digested into short proteins call exorphins which act similarly to endorphins, the neurotransmitters released during exercise or the “runners high”, bind to and stimulate morphine receptors in the brain, making them just as addictive as any other drug.  See, when we eat gluten, it soothes the soul, makes that calm sensation.  This is turn causes us to look for more of this food during “STRESSFUL TIMES”!  Which leads to overeating and it just goes downhill from there.  Weight gain and next obesity.  Join me is adopting a gluten free whole food lifestyle.  Your body, mind and spirit will thank you!  To your health!

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