Dr Oz On Health at USANA Convention

Dr. Oz Speaks at USANA on Health!

Dr. Oz–you know that name! The famous doctor was one of the medical experts who spoke at the 2012 USANA Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah. I’d like to share some of his important presentation points with you–and some tips from my files for turning Dr. Oz’s advice into a plan that works for you, for a lifetime. He spoke on several topics to include weight loss, weight management, menopause, migraines and diabetes.  He is a brilliant man!

1) Waist Management begins today.
Dr. Oz recommends a simple test that speaks volumes about your general health. Stand straight, and ask someone to measure your abdomen. The measuring tape should start from your side, in the narrow area between the bottom of the ribs and the hip bone. Keeping the tape level, wrap it around your abdomen. Take a breath in, breathe out, and then look at the measurement. (This is not a “suck in your tummy” exercise!) Now double that circumference. Is the resulting number less than your height in inches?

If it’s less, then you’re probably in a healthy range.  Is it more? You might have risk factors for obesity, including belly fat, which can predict other health-related problems. Even insulin resistance might be setting in.  Many interventions can help move you out of this risk group.
Successful Waist Management is about finding a personalized fuel mix–the key being “personalized.” It’s a confusing world of information out there. There’s no one-size-fits-all plan. It’s important to find a combination of exercise, food, and stress-busting choices that work for each individual. Lifestyle changes that really fit can be easy to do yet reap huge rewards. I have a free health assessment at www.changingonelife.usana.com

2) Knock off the junk!
Dr. Oz pointed out that each sugary drink you consume adds at least 100 calories. Those soft drinks combine for a weight gain of 11 pounds per person, per year. That’s on top of the extra weight many of us carry from other unhealthy choices. Did you know that it can take up to 10 years before the doctors can determine that you are now type II diabetic?

Dropping 100 calories can dramatically upshift your condition, so replace a single daily soft drink with pure water. Not tap water, distilled water but pure water.  You’ve done it! Good. Simple changes are the best way to pursue a healthy outcome now, and, better yet, maintain wellness for the long term.  Small baby steps work best instead of major changes that become overwhelming and unmanageable.

3) Stay on top of your Lifetime Curve.
Picture an upside-down U. This “Lifetime Curve” represents your wellness and happiness. Through your teenage years, you’re moving up the left side, ascending as you learn and grow. When you begin to round the peak, you’re in your prime. At the top of the curve is the ideal time to safeguard and continue to improve your health. Beware of rounding the curve to the right side. That’s where you risk aging too rapidly by settling for a lifestyle and expectations that are less than optimal. Dr. Oz’s advice: Stay on top of the curve. 

If you’re at the top of the curve–generally, your 20s and 30s–make a plan to stay there, enjoying the health and good life that’s your birthright. Spoiler alert: Moving laterally to the right rather than rounding down toward the bottom takes life-affirming, bold moves. You’ll have to fight the temptation to let down your guard. But what if you’re older and want to regain the vitality and wellbeing of younger years? You can. It’s never too late to improve!  You can reverse type II diabetes, sail through menopause and stop those m

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