The Glycemic Index and Migraines

When the first glycemic index was first released, most dieticians, nutritionists, and physicians were shocked by the results. It flew in the face of theory that all carbs are created equal. It meant that the food pyramid was also wrong and upside down. What they had been taught was wrong. For example, simple sugar like table sugar, also known as sucrose, had a glycemic index of 61 while sugar found in fruits, known as fructose, had a glycemic index of only 19.
So, a white potato (glycemic index of 85) or white bread (glycemic range in the 70’s) making both of these foods spike the blood sugar more readily than table sugar. Did you know that many of our healthy cereals, I mean that sarcastically, such as corn flakes, brain flakes and Cheerios top out the glycemic index scoring as high as 92! Has your trusted doctor or medical professional been recommending to you, a patient with type II diabetes or hypoglycemia to eat carbs that can dangerously spike the blood sugar levels? Something to think about huh? Did you realize that most medical professionals only receive one hour of nutrition in their entire education process?
Obviously, it takes time to make a paradigm shift. Especially, when it comes to a foundational theory that has been the mainstay of diet counseling for the past century. Our European counterparts are well beyond our nation in this discovery and use labels with the glycemic index printed on them. We now know that many who suffer from migraines have a greater correlation between glycemic levels and onsets of migraines. Seek out a holistic or integrative practitioner to help you find a plan for supplements, low glyecmic food plan and exercise to help reduce the migraines which may be a chemical imbalance.

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