The Hidden Cause of Weight Gain

When I first started my journey in perimenopause I had this sudden and I mean sudden weight gain. I really felt like I was gaining a pound a day and there was not stopping the freight train. Now keep in mind, I had not changed a thing in my eating, exercising, drinking lots of water, sleeping 7-8 hours a night. I had lost 55 pounds from having babies and maintained for over 10 years so I knew that something was not working right in my body. I woman knows her body best! Remember that always. When I first went to the OBGYN she told me that my numbers were not perimenopausal although what I was telling her was? Her first inclination was to put me on birth control pills and an antidepressant. What? I was already gaining weight and had never been able to take birth control pills. Well, she said, they’re different now, better. Can you see my facial expression right now? I just could not believe she was saying that to me. Well I gained 50 pounds from menopause and after many tried and true plans I finally started down the holistic path.

You see I was working really hard to lose this weight with very little results and that was frustrating to say the least. I exercised and was careful with my food portions, I went low glycemic and took high quality supplements. But as I tell many of the women I talk to today, your body isn’t a savings account or a calorimeter. It’s all about chemistry. You really have to learn how your body is responding to the foods you eat. I found out that I was not eating right! Yes, a holistic health coach eating wrong. So, I decided to try a new protocol and take out the gluten, dairy, soy, corn, eggs, peanuts, artificial sweeteners (did very few of those already), sugar. I began to lose weight following a less stressed exercise program as well. I am still on this journey and so far I have lost 27 of the 50!

How about you? Are you on this journey? What is your story? Please post your comment below and tell me about your journey with weight gain. You can find my website at and get my free PDF of my favorite 12 green smoothies!


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