Do You Know Who I Am?

I often wonder if people who come to my site really know me. How did you find me? What were you looking for? I was featured in an article this week for a mastermind group that I belong to that is a sisterhood of Christian women who are working from home. These ladies and the coach who leads them are phenomenal. Especially the coach Theresa who helped me to get the clarity I needed to birth Living Life Holistic. I wanted to separate my ministry with women and my business of coaching with a clear message. You see my message was mixed and I was getting a lot of “What exactly do you do?” For those of you in business you know that is not a good question to get if your message is clear.

So here is my feature article of Who I Am, and I pray that you get to know me.

If you are looking for coaching on menopause, weight loss, hot flashes, mood swings, cravings or not sleeping then go to my website and take advantage of my free 15 minute consult to get started today! I am passionate about helping women get through this journey to see a new life on the other side! Embrace the new you!

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