Being a Woman is Hard Work

Why is being a woman so hard sometimes? I get that a lot from my coaching clients who are in the midst of chaos. Let me just say, it’s not fair but it’s a fact that women are much more vulnerable to hormone imbalance then men. At least 26% of women are on a pill for anxiety, depression, or just the general feeling of unable to cope. Guess who has the babies, oh that’s right women! Pregnancy amplifies the demands on the endocrine glands, which release hormones such as estrogen, testosterone, cortisol, thyroid, leptin, growth hormone, and insulin. We as women are especially sensitive to hormonal changes. God made us that way for a reason. But these days let’s add in the stresses of juggling multiple roles and working outside the home. I can remember those days oh so clearly!

I like to equate this to the bank reserve account. See our organ’s reserve is inherent to withstand demands such as kids going in all different sports directions, trauma, surgery, you know that everyday stress we call life. And when you’re young you have more of this to bounce back fairly quickly. You can restore and create balance. But as we age, we take out the reserve and forget we need to put back twice the deposit for balance. Did you know that after age 30, organ reserves decrease by 1% per year! Wow, so by age 85 (women are now living to this age and beyond), organ reserve is a fraction of the original capacity. How about the next generation? I can see my kids living well beyond the 100 year range. So, let’s get back to those hormones. Do you see the connection here? If you have great hormone balance earlier and continue, then later your reserve will be higher so the imbalance is less chaotic. So those food choices, environmental toxins, attitude, aging, stress, genetics, even the chemicals of everyday life affect our hormones. Something to think about huh?

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