OMGosh Menopause and the Mid Section Tube

Somewhere along the way, your body started storing fat instead of using it for energy. You turned on the thrifty genes, which helped us centuries ago when trying to survive a famine. But these days there’s no famine.  What we do have is a lot of processed food and GMO’s.  Our soil is depleted.  Our food grown in factories instead of the farm.  This leads to fat gain, fatigue, moodiness, and internal starvation because your cells are not getting the fuel they need. In medical language, this is known as hormone resistance or insulin resistance, and the basic story is that your body becomes numb to the hormones that control fat burning. Those hormones are insulin, leptin, cortisol, estrogen, testosterone, thyroid, growth hormone, plus a few others! Whew!

Every day we hear about a different diet, each one contradicting the last. Eat more protein. Eat less protein. Restrict your fat. Eat more fat! Don’t drink milk. Drink raw milk! It’s most confusing and often not based in any scientific research. My goal for you with fat loss is to do what’s sustainable: 1-2 pounds per week. Faster weight loss leads to rebound weight gain. Instead, follow a plan that is proven to help you with fat loss and to boost metabolism, sensibly and sustainably.  Ask an expert like me!  Hopefully by now you got the memo that burning fat isn’t about cutting calories or clocking in more hours on the cardio equipment at the gym. Your metabolism is like a computer – with a little fine-tuning and the proven lifestyle tweaks, you can get it fired up to work more efficiently. Hopefully you’re saying: “Susan, break it down for me! Tell me how to do this!”

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